About Ashleigh
      Ashleigh Parkers is a nineteen year old college student, currently enrolled in Business and Computer Technology. She's been writing from the sore age of ten and still carries a burning passion for it.

She has always had a sixth sense for creative writing, and it was the push from her second grade teacher that really motivated her to continue writing.

"I couldn't believe it when I read it! It's so well written, especially for someone her age," her teacher, Mrs. Searson, told her colleagues.

It was that push that also motivated her to share her hand written work with her friends in high school. Then, through the reccomendations of a friend, she discovered Wattpad and her life changed forever. 

"I still remember it, like it was yesterday, when I first started throwing my work out there to my friends in seventh grade before I was introduced to Wattpad - where my love for writing developed even further."

- Ashleigh

Throughout the years, she has surely seen great improvement in her writing and her graphic designing. When she isn't creates emotion - driven characters, evil plot twists, and heart throbbing cliffhangers. she can be found graphic designing, where she creates book covers, logos, banners etc. 

Her hobbies, when she's not around her tablet or computer, are ​binge watching movies & TV shows, swimming and gaming.
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